ACETSS.org, a 501(c)(3), was organized December 2021 to empower souls through self-defense educational workshops. Master Golino-Crisco, a Certified International Martial Arts instructor and self-defense guru has been empowering souls for decades. Don't wait, begin building your "toolbelt of empowerment" now because YOU ARE WORTHY!


Thanks to our gracious sponsors and donors who continue to support our mission, you can now learn powerful, scientifically-proven techniques to confront, de-escalate and escape unwanted advances, domestic abuse, bullying, stalking, trafficking or attack. 


Register for a private self-defense workshop, or sponsor your own for members of your establishment, family, friends, school, religious group, gym, club or other circles. Workshops are appropriate for ages 12+.

Empower Yourself - You Are Worthy!


Our Mission

Empower souls, save lives thru self-defense educational workshops.

Master Golino-Crisco

Our Vision

I am a small woman with a big mission: Empower Souls, Save Lives!


My faith and passion for this mission moved me to create “A Charity Empowered to Save Souls, Inc.” (ACETSS, Inc.), an authorized 501(c)(3) non-profit  educational charity.


After decades of empowering souls, it is only now that I ask you join a coalition of doers. Sure, you can earn funds hosting workshops, but more importantly, be the reason another soul was saved!

Consider donating to our cause by hosting a workshop of your own. Effectually be the reason others learn life-saving skills.

We Need Your Support Today!