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Board of Directors

Meet our board of directors who volunteer their talents to help fuel our mission. Different generations, varying upbringings, however all share a passion for protecting personal boundaries from acts of violence & aggression.


Michelle Golino-Crisco "Master G" serves as Director of She describes herself as a small woman with a BIG MISSION to empower souls, save lives through self defense education.  Although she has been educating others in this space for over 25 years, it was only 2021 that A Charity Empowered to Save Souls ( was born. Master G became a victim of gun violence at age 12 when her father - not in law enforcement - was assassinated.  Later in life, she fell victim to domestic abuse despite having trained in martial arts nearly her entire life, including 2 World Championships. Today she awards "toolbelts of empowerment" to those who learn her life-saving techniques! 


Master G is a VII Degree Certified International Instructor under Grand Master Hwang, Kwang, Sung and 1 of 12 female masters in the Unified International Taekwon-Do Federation which spans 162 countries. Master G resides in the community she serves, Longwood, FL.  


Executive Secretary

Renee Powell, (Sabum Renee), serves as Executive Secretary of  

Her decades of office administration experience in mid to large corporations are an asset to our mission. 

Sabum Renee is a II Degree in WT Taekwon-Do & II Degree in ITF Taekwon-Do under Master G. During her time in the Orlando area, Sabum Renee also served in ACETSS Ambassador program. 

Sabum Renee was a longtime resident in Orange County, FL, she is relocating to SC shortly, but will continue to serve on our board. 


Advocacy Director

Alan Montesdeoca aka "Sabum Alan" & "Mr. Alan" serves as Advocacy Director of


He helped lift A Charity Empowered to Save Souls off the ground in 2021.


His decades of sales experience and network connections have been an asset to our team.

Sabum Alan is a IV Degree in WT Taekwon-Do under Grand Master "O", & II Degree in ITF Taekwon-Do under Master G.


Mr. Alan is a long-time resident in the community we serve, Longwood, FL. 


Marketing Coordinator

Miranda Golino serves as Marketing Coordinator of  At a young age of 21, she already has a few years of management and customer service experience at one of America's largest cell phone carriers. Her experience and above-average artistic abilities are an asset to our mission.

Miranda is passionate about suicide prevention and the protection of women's rights. She designs her own line of bracelets and custom-painted sneakers for the cause. 

A graduate of Lake Mary HS 2019, Miranda now resides in the community we serve, Longwood, FL. 

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