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As a World Class Taekwon-Do Member-Athlete, you'll experience not only physical, mental, and emotional fitness but also a supportive family-like setting.  Join us on a journey of personal growth and empowerment where we've been delivering taekwondo excellence for 27 years!  


We provide opportunities to explore the powerful benefits of authentic taekwondo and community involvement.  We offer a pathway to World Championships for both our taekwondo and inclusive taekwondo members. Parents are encouraged to join their kids in our family-friendly, highly motivational classes where all ages and abilities lead by example. Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Click here for more info on our adaptive martial arts classes.


Current Member-Athletes: Ages 3 to 73
Global Visitors Welcome to Train w/Master G, A-7-17

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  • Cost Savings: wholesale gear, 50% lower member dues than for profit franchise martial arts schools

  • Scholarships: we believe every individual deserves an opportunity to benefit from martial arts training

  • Authenticity, Passion & Purpose: Immerse yourself in our time-tested ITF Taekwondo program in it's 27th year

  • Self-Defense: Learn impactful self-defense skills in a supportive environment (buyer beware, some martial arts schools do not teach self-defense)

  • Nonprofit Commitment: Uplifting, encouraging community engagement with plenty of resources 

  • Goal Setting, Discipline, Stay Fit: Enjoy the journey & newfound cardiovascular health & flexibility & discipline with your new TKD Family

  • Pathway to World Championships 

  • Ambassador Program: Our teens earn $$$ teaching at any number of events hosted by


Master Golino-Crisco was issued her 1st - 4th Degree Black Belts by the Founding Father of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi. Her 5th through 7th Degree Black Belts are issued by Grand Master Hwang-Kwang Sung, K-9-1 (2nd highest rank in the world).

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Discount for Active Members
Member Since 2024

International Governing Body
Member Since 1980

World Class Taekwon-Do
Established August 1997

Discount for Active Members


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