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World Class Taekwon-Do member-athletes experience not only physical, mental, and emotional fitness, but also a supportive family-like environment with plenty of motivation. There are no contracts, your membership may be canceled at anytime. As an authorized nonprofit, your member dues are tax deductible to the fullest extend of IRS code 501(c)(3).


Member Dues

An entire family can train for as low as $125/month. Explore member dues below. INCLUSIVE TKD Membership $75/month. Scholarships available. Check with the front desk for eligibility.

YMCA Member Discount

Y Plus or Y-Max Member

individual $95/month

family up to 4 $125/month

No Discount

Y Basic or non-YMCA Member

individual $125/month

family up to 6 $225/month

Flex Pymnt / Donation

Donate to the team

Add additional family members

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