"You will be amazed by the simplistic, sensible, scientific method of self-defense escapism!"
Master Golino-Crisco


ACETSS Workshops

What to Expect...
Not your typical self-defense class! No experience necessary. Empowering hands-on workshops where participants learn a sensible, simplistic, scientific method of self-defense escapism. Learn to confront and deescalate conflict, abuse or attack! Workshops are suitable for ages 12+.  More details.

Can I participate if I am not in my best shape?
Technique is not bearing on a participant's strength, height, flexibility or level of physical fitness.  In fact, much of the technique learned in an ACETSS self-defense empowerment workshop can be done from a chair. No exuberant muscle is utilized during execution of technique, thus anyone, at any level, is able to participate. 

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