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Let's Connect
Let's Connect
Visit our Book Online Page to Book a Workshop.
Call or text our service center 24/7/365  at 321-338-3561. 
Sponsored by The Wyker Team, Keller Williams Realty

Your request to sponsor a workshop may be as unique as you and your inner circle. Past workshops were hosted in a variety of workplaces, community centers, banquet halls, schools, religious establishments, parks, gyms and retail outlets.  


If you're also a nonprofit, request to be added to our RECIPIENT WORKSHOP CALENDER. 
Let's Connect!

Event Feedback
Event Feedback!
Thank you for
participating in our event!

Tell us what you thought about it.
How satisfied were you with the event?How satisfied were you with the event?
How relevant was it for you?How relevant was it for you?
What was the best part of the event?
How convenient were the time & place?How convenient were the time & place?
Would you consider coming to future events?

Thanks for your feedback!

Prayer Request


Let us serve you in prayer. Each prayer request is entered into our Prayer Intentions Book at ACETTS headquarters and is acted on at each organizational meeting. These intentions are not announced. No donation is required but always appreciated.

Thank you sincerely for submitting this prayer request. Each request is entered into our Prayer Intentions Book at ACETSS headquarters, and is remembered at each organizational meeting.

Prayer Request
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