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Lunch &LearnSponsorships


In just 90-minutes, the room will be EMPOWERED with elevated confidence and personal safety skills. Learn how to tap into powerful defense tools you already own, yet haven't learned how to execute. Escapism, de-escalation and weapons disarmament are at the heart of our workshops. Attendees come as you are, heels welcome.

Our sponsorship model ensures that the empowerment gained through self-defense training ripples through communities, breaking down barriers by providing access to valuable skills for everyone. When you sponsor a workshop for your staff, club, organization, neighborhood, a free workshop is offered to those in need! In fact, the Sponsor chooses our outreach (individuals with disabilities, LGBTQ peer support groups, senior citizens, trauma survivors, 'at-risk' teens). View all the benefits of Sponsorship Right Now by Clicking Here!

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