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Thank you Sponsors & Donors, Members & Participants

Celebrating a Year of Impactful Empowerment
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Thank you for specifically empowering the following individuals...

  • Kristy from Orlando after being empowered, "I've been raped so many times I can't even count, but now I know it will NEVER HAPPEN EVER AGAIN!

  • Ezra from Lake Mary after being empowered, "I had no idea I could defend myself this way, I DON'T FEEL HELPLESS ANYMORE!"

  • Bobbie from Orlando after being empowered, "Thank you so much, I felt stripped of my power and dignity after being punched in the face by a stranger because of how I look, YOU GAVE ME MY POWER BACK!"

  • Geneviève from Sanford after being empowered, "I've been bullied at school for years, "I KNOW HOW TO STOP IT NOW, I PROMISE I WILL KEEP PRACTICING SO I CAN TEACH MY OWN KIDS ONE DAY!"


Unfortunately there are thousands of Kristy's, Ezra's, Bobbie's & Genevièv's out there that we have not yet reached. We envision our neighborhoods, schools, workplaces and communities free from acts of violence and aggression.  Not only as a result of law enforcement but as a result of individuals of all ages and abilities having the tools to confront such acts with powerful, impactful, self defense education. 


We aim to empower people of all ages & abilities to protect themselves and others from acts of violence and aggression.