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A Passion for Safety

The FBI states a violent crime is committed every 25.6 seconds in the United States. Our workshops break the mold offering a scientific approach that's accessible to everyone regardless of age or experience. Participants learn evidence based personal safety skills such as escapism, de-escalation & weapons disarmament in just 60-minutes. Your journey to empowerment begins here!


Human Trafficking

Florida ranks 3rd in the nation for the highest number of reported incidents of Human trafficking. Source:

Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

Show your team you care about their health & well-being both in and outside the workplace

Domestic Abuse

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence states nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the U.S. Source:


Empowering Self-Defense Workshops led by Master Golino-Crisco, VII Dan


LGBTQ community - did you know every 45 seconds a youth ages 13-24 attempts suicide? Source:

the Trevor Project

Experience Inclusion Empowerment

Disabilities Violence

70% of disabled individuals experience some form of abuse and are 3X more likely to be sexually assaulted. Source: 

Sanctuary for Families


Sexual Assault


98% of perpetrators of sexual assault walk away free according to The Criminal Justice System.  Source:


Workplace Violence - Learn to de-escalate

Workplace Harrassment

44% Employees experience workplace harassment at work while 38% still experience harrassment working remotely. Source: AllVoices

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